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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Grapefruit Diet Plan

Grapefruit Diet Plan

The Grapefruit diet started way back in the 1930s, though back then it was called the Hollywood Diet. This diet is still very popular today and many people swear by it for fast weight loss.

This diet claims that the grapefruit contains special fat-burning enzymes that become active when the fruit is eaten along with a small portion of other foods at each and every meal.

For years medical professionals and nutritionists have said this was hype, that the grapefruit has no fat burning capability and that this was just another fad diet plan, like so many others on the market.

Today many medical experts still state that there is no evidence that the grapefruit is a magic bullet for weight loss, in fact Connie Diekman of the American Dietetic Association has stated that these types of diets perpetuate yo yo dieting, which, is on again and off again dieting, and a misunderstanding of what it means to lose weight in a healthy manner and on a permanent basis.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Metamucil Weight Loss Approach


There has been a lot of talk lately about the possible benefits of Metamucil for weight loss. Metamucil it not designed or promoted as a weight loss supplement. In fact, it is fiber that aids the digestive system to remain regular. But, there are claims that Metamucil works in helping people to lose weight and get fit.

This is actually true, and scientific evidence does exist as to this supplement's effectiveness for weight loss. But, it's not because of the brand name, it's because of what it contains.

The manufacturer of Metamucil makes it clear that this product is made to aid in reducing cholesterol. It also helps to clean the digestive track, as fiber does and it is a good source of fiber, which is required for any healthy diet. Metamucil's main ingredient is psyllium husk fiber and it is this fiber, which is soluble, that really helps with weight loss.

How Fiber Aids Weight Loss

Fiber has long been known to help in weight loss because it fills you up. When you are more satisfied with less food you eat less calories and lose weight.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

About The Mediterranean Diet Plan

Mediterranean Diet

If you are looking to lose weight and have a healthy heart then the Mediterranean diet might be best one for you. It combines healthy eating, along with the very flavorful olive oil, some red wine and other foods that are the traditions in the various countries that border the Mediterranean Sea.

It is a fact that most diets created for heart health include the eating of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, and do not allow for too many unhealthy fats. The Mediterranean diet allows for all that plus some other subtle variations in particular food items that really reduce the risk of heart disease.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Juicing For Weight Loss

Juicing For Weight Loss

Juicing is the latest and greatest thing in weight, but is it really effective? Actually, it really is!

Juicing is one of the best ways to get many nutritional benefits that fresh fruits and vegetables offer the body. And, the added perk of juicing is that you can get your daily dose much faster than actually cooking and eating vegetables and eating whole fruit. So, juicing saves you time and makes you feel great!

It's important to understand that juicing, as discussed here, is not buying juice in a bottle from the store, because a lot of those are loaded with extra sugar and preservatives. Juicing refers to making fresh juice at home with a special juicer machine. Many great new models are available for sale in all price ranges and with various features.